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Erik Johnson is dedicated to defending your rights. His legal experience includes but is not limited to handling cases in Eagle, Vail, Edwards, Avon, Wolcott and surrounding counties and towns that involve Criminal Defense cases for serious felonies including homicide, arson, assault and weapons; misdemeanors such as DUI, harassment, domestic violence, theft and many more. Additionally Erik has 27+ years of bankruptcy cases and helping people get out from under crushing debt and creditors. Erik is committed to providing the best legal representation for his clients who need legal and attorney services in Northern Colorado and the Western Slope, and maintains the highest rate of client satisfaction due in large part to his exceptional work ethic, diligence and overall concern for his client’s interests and well-being. Erik practices and lives his strongly held commitment to treating everyone with equal respect especially when clients are dealing with difficult legal issues.

Erik Johnson is Eagle, Colorado's Newest Municipal Judge

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Experienced Criminal & DUI Defense Lawyer on the Western Slope + Northern Colorado

Over 27 Years of Criminal Defense Experience

  • In our legal system, everyone is entitled to a fair trial.
  • All defendants are innocent until proven guilty.
  • Do not stand for unfair treatment if you’re facing criminal charges.
  • Never assume your case is a lost cause.
  • We equally respect all people who contact us without regard to their financial circumstances or criminal history.
  • We examine all possible defenses ranging from your constitutional rights upon police contact, how evidence was obtained, procedural rules and feasibility of trial.

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